Skil HD5860 Review

Every workshop needs a great saw, and what better saw to pick than the Skil HD5860? This saw is 8″ long, 9″ wide, 21-1/4″ tall, and weighs only 20 pounds. It is perfect for any home shop and can be especially helpful for people working on home improvement projects.

The blade measures 8-1/4″ and is perfect for cutting 45-, 60-, or 90-degree angles with its 60-degree bevel. The Skil HD5860 has a 13-amp motor, which allows for fast, easy, and smooth cuts.

There is also an easily accessible oil level indicator to ensure an adequate amount of oil is present, and to preserve the life of the saw, there are relief bellows. With the saw coming from Skil, you can be assured it will be durable and long-lasting.

The blade of the Skil HD5860 is placed on the left side of the saw. Other sidewinder saws have their blades placed on their right side. With the blade on the left side, however, the right-handed cutter has an ideal viewing field of the wood being cut.

The cutter is able to make the cuts easily, without the help of another person, and without extending his or her body in awkward directions or twisting his or her arms and shoulders to see the blade’s path. The saw also has dual front sight, which provides a marked line, helping the cutter guide the saw along when making angled cuts.

Skil HD5860 Customer Reviews

Not everything is completely great with the Skil HD5860. Christine Nolan-Brady reviewed this product stating,

“First thing to know about this saw is despite what the other review says, it will NOT cut a 4×4 in one pass!”

She said she wasn’t sure if she should believe his claim or not, but didn’t understand why someone would lie about what a saw can cut through, so she tried the saw out herself. It appears that she read a review making the claim that the saw could cut through a 4×4.

However, the manufacturer states that it can cut a depth of 1-1/2″ at a 60-degree angle, 2-1/4″ at a 45-degree angle, and 2-7/8″ at a 90-degree angle. While it does not claim to be able to make such a deep cut, if you have the saw and eventually need to make a deeper cut, you will have to take a bit more time to cut it with a couple of passes through the saw, or else you will need to find a different saw to use. Christine also didn’t like the selection of blades available at most hardware stores for this saw, and she thinks that the 8-1/4″ blades cost more than the 7-1/4″ blades for another saw.

Not every Skil HD5860 owner thinks so poorly of the saw, however. Christine herself gave some positive points about the saw saying when you use it, it just feels right. She thought that when you pull the trigger, the power comes up smoothly, and it just moves so well through the wood. She used the saw overhead for a few minutes without experiencing any major discomfort.

Other than the technical issues of finding a blade and the shallow depth of the cut, she seems to like it. Another customer who will remain nameless has used this saw for ten years in construction, timberframing, and loghome building. He reviewed the product saying it was very reliable, and

“it has the torque to power through any wood or log necessary for the job at hand. The saw is versatile and can be used with different accessories made for it.”

There is plenty of good to outweigh the few simple downfalls of this saw.
If you’ve got a workshop without a saw, it is time to look into making the purchase. You now have all the information you need about the Skil HD5860 to make a wise and educated decision.

Even if you have a saw, it may be time to invest in a saw with greater capabilities, or perhaps a different type of saw than the one(s) you currently have. Don’t waste time wondering which saw you should get. Purchase the Skil HD5860 today, and you will wonder how you ever managed to complete your projects without it. You may like to read the best cordless screwdriver tools