Electric Pressure Washer Review

Pressure washers including the electric pressure washer consists of a motor, a high pressure nozzle and a trigger gun. It is a device that helps remove dirt, mud, grime, and mold from construction areas, concrete roads and even vehicles. A pressure washer can be bought or rented depending on how often you will be making use of it. Several different types of pressure washer nozzles are available, depending on the type of task it is needed for. For example, some nozzles cause the water to be expelled in a triangular plane, while some others cause the water to be ejected in a pencil thin jet. You can check the best wet saws in the market.

Types of pressure washers:

  • Electric Pressure washer
  • Diesel Pressure washer
  • Petrol Pressure washer
  • Gas Pressure washer
  • Hydraulic high Pressure washer
  • Ultra high Pressure washer


Extremely high pressure flow of water is used for industrial cleaning. For outdoor use, a gas powered pressure washer is ideal, since it can provide enhanced mobility. An electric pressure washer requires an outlet to be present nearby. For indoor use, an electric washer is the best choice, since it is relatively quiet and does not produce any exhaust fumes. High pressure washers are used to remove graffiti, oil patches and other difficult to remove stains.

Buying a pressure washer

For domestic use, usually pressure washers are used for outdoor cleaning like cleaning oil stains from the garage floor, degreasing the grill or removing surface stains from the patio or backyard.

There are three things which one must keep in mind while deciding on which pressure washer to buy namely the water pressure, gallons per minute and price.

Water pressure is represented in terms of pounds per square inch. It can vary from 1,000 to 4,000 psi or more for commercial purposes. A gallon per minute is the total volume of water which flows through the nozzle in one minute.

This value ranges from 1 to 4 for domestic purposes. Getting the required water pressure and gallons per minute value in the best price possible is the goal. Electric pressure washer works the finest when used with chemical cleaners. Many types of chemical cleaners suited for different types of jobs are available in the market.


Any power tool is to be handled with care. The electric pressure washer is no exception. The force generated by a pressure washer is enough to break windows or strip the flesh from the bone.

They are extremely powerful; hence under no circumstance must you point the nozzle at yourself or anyone else. For domestic purposes it is advisable choosing the least forceful nozzle available. It is important to carefully read and follow the instructions given along with the electric pressure washer for enhanced safety.

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